• Publishing Date: 20 March 2020

Having trouble finding ideas? Are you frustrated when you spend looking at a blank piece of paper or on a screen?

Let's face it, it's not an easy thing to come up with. First of all, we have to constantly read and nurture our minds. However, there are some techniques that we may not be aware of, which may make it easier to produce ideas than we think. In this article, we will describe six of these techniques. However, since the way everyone thinks or the point of view required by each subject is not the same, these techniques may not always work well. Therefore, we need to continue thinking, searching and producing until we find the most suitable method for ourselves.

Here are six ways to work for you when generating innovative ideas:

Break the routine. Our instincts tell us that if we categorize information, we will have easy access in the future. However, this convenience can also cause laziness because our brain is always looking at the same place while searching and thinking, so the possibility of encountering different and new thoughts is largely blocked. Breaking the routine and trying something new is a good way to inspire your mind and find innovative ideas. Do something you have never done before, try to approach your problems from a different angle, break the routine. Try to find new perspectives that will renew your attention by differentiating in your workplace or in your ways of taking notes / tools.

Don't focus on quality at first. Breaking your usual routine is a good way to generate ideas, but when you try to focus on finding one great idea, your innovation is limited and you actually make things difficult for yourself. Instead of trying to come up with one really great idea, focus on the amount of ideas until you have enough ideas to choose the best of. The more ideas you find, the more likely you are to get amazing ideas. But be careful, you need to choose the best quality of these ideas.

Turn your thoughts upside down. Another way of generating new ideas is to think about those that are not thought through the reverse thinking technique. Regardless of your ideas, consider the opposite and try to find different ideas with your new way of thinking. Instead of trying to find a new mobile app design that looks good, try designing a scary looking mobile app. Instead of trying to write a blog post to help your readers, try writing a blog post that won't help anyone. Consider teaching students to teachers rather than teachers teaching students. Reversing your thoughts will quickly help you generate new ideas.

Take a break. If you're really struggling to find innovative ideas, sometimes the best option is to just give up for a while. Tiring your mind too much, not thinking about anything other than generating ideas, will damage your originality and innovation, and you will only hurt yourself by getting stressed. In such cases, take a break for at least a few hours. Watch a movie, take a nap, play a game, work on something else. The best part of giving up a short break is that you keep your mind open to inspiration from outside (or inside). Both the way you give up or that comes, finds you. If you have rested, you can start generating ideas again.

Get help from someone else. There's nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it. Sometimes others may have very good ideas, but this person may not have the means or knowledge to reveal their ideas. So ask everyone you know if they have any ideas to share about the topic you're thinking about. You can get new ideas to feed your ideas from your family, friends or people you never know. But there is an issue to be aware of; If you like someone's opinion, be sure to ask if you can use it.

Be curious. Innovative ideas often come from innovative questions. The best question to ask when you come up with an idea is "Why?". When you ask "why" something, you gain a new and often invisible perspective. Instead of accepting the world as you know, ask “why” and be amazed. Why are the traffic lights red, yellow and green? What happens if shapes are used instead of colors to indicate stopping, slowing, and going? Wonder why something happened, and new ideas will follow.

You can easily generate new ideas by breaking routines, not worrying about quality, reversing your thoughts, taking a break, asking other people's ideas, wondering, and most importantly, constantly reading them. Don't wait too long to try!